Local Towing Services By SC Pro Tow

When in need of a tow from anywhere to anywhere in Fort Worth TX there is no one who will provide you with better local towing services than SC Pro Tow.
We at SC Pro Tow and our licensed affiliates make it a point to offer the best possible towing services to the local community. In order to do this, we operate a large, modern fleet of well-maintained tow trucks. Our techs are all highly trained professionals who are proud to be able to provide the kind of assistance we are in a position to offer.

Any Type of Local Towing In Your Neighborhood

There is a wide variety of situations where local towing services are called for. The most common is with vehicles which have broken down on a route. Mechanical failures, however less common with modern, properly serviced vehicles, still occur. When this happens you may find yourself standing next to an immobilized vehicle which needs to be transported to an auto shop.
More unfortunate situations calling for a local tow is when a vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, this may call for emergency towing as such vehicles may disrupt traffic and pose a real hazard.
Local towing services may also be required for vehicles with registration issues, vehicles with expired licenses for instance.

Why Choose Us

SC Pro Tow and their network of licensed affiliates have made it a point to offer the Fort Worth community with the best possible local towing services. Our techs are professional and service oriented, our tow truckstop of the line. We operate a 24/7 dispatch and have a large enough fleet so that we can guarantee the fastest response times possible. Since our employees are Forth Worth residents they are well acquainted with the local traffic conditions and routes, this enables us to reach you quickly as well as have your vehicle towed to the designated destination just as fast.
At SC Pro Tow we are proud of our honest billing policy which ensures we offer competitive rates. SC Pro Tow is here to provide you with the reliable local towing services you deserve.

Among Our Towing Services Are:

Light, medium and heavy duty towing
Local towing
Long distance towing
Flatbed towing
Emergency towing
Any other towing service you may require