Local Towing VS. National

So far as companies specializing in providing towing and roadside assistance go these can be divided into two general types. The first is locally owned and operated companies. To the second category, national companies, belong companies with coverage area stretching over more than just one or several cities but rather over more than just one state. Companies belonging to each of the above-mentioned categories posses typical traits which anyone in need of towing or roadside assistance should be aware of when the time comes to choose between a local towing company to a national one. In this blog post, we and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates bring you a brief outline of each type of towing companies (i.e. local or national) with emphasis on advantages and disadvantages.

Better Suited to Serve a Specific Community

Locally owned towing companies, such as SC Pro Tow in Fort Worth, are generally better equipped to offer services which cater more accurately to the needs of a specific community. For instance, a local towing company operating where road conditions lead to a relatively high number of vehicles being driven off-road will be well equipped for (and versed in) providing off road recovery services (AKA “winch service”). A local towing company will also possess more intimate knowledge of routes and typical traffic conditions thus allowing for shorter ETAs.

National Towing Companies Boast large Fleets and Well Established Reputations

National towing companies are large towing companies with branches covering different regions. Such companies are endowed with extensive resources including large fleets of tow trucks and service vans. Another advantage of national towing companies is that the quality of service you will receive can pretty much be known in advance (in accordance with the reputation a specific national towing company has earned for itself).

What to Ensure When Opting for a Local Towing Company

There are towing and roadside assistance services providers who allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, these are local companies dedicated to catering to the needs of a specific community but that is large enough to have an extensive fleet and adequate supporting logistics at their disposal. SC Pro Tow and their network of licensed affiliates experts are just such a local towing company. We know how to best address the needs of Fort Worth’s community and are dedicated to providing top quality service at highly competitive rates. We operate enough tow trucks and roadside assistance service vans in order to ensure we always meet the fast response time like we promise, we are available 24/7 and offer rates you’ll have a hard time to find a match.