Safe Towing Capacity & Limits

Just as there are rules and regulations governing what, how and how fast you can tow with your own vehicle (things like utility trailers, caravans, boats on trolleys etc.) so are there rules to be followed so far as towing with tow trucks is concerned. It is important to understand that not every kind of tow truck can tow any kind of vehicle, following safe towing capacity and limits is essential for preventing risk of further damage to the towed vehicle or other vehicles, not to mention the risk of grave bodily harm, even death, to the tow tech or others in the vicinity.
If you need a tow it is important that you can be certain that the towing company you use adheres to the limits and sends over a tow truck that can safely take the load of your vehicle. If you show them you are aware such limits exist chances are they will refrain from being over lenient with themselves. In this blog item, you’ll find useful info that can help you make sure safe towing capacity and limits are kept.

Rule of Thumb

Without getting into calculations regarding a certain tow truck’s capacity it may be enough to let the towing company know the make and model of the vehicle you need towing and to ask them if they will be sending a light, medium or heavy duty tow truck. Most motorists are aware of the general classification of their vehicle. i.e. we know if we drive a regular sedan, an unusually heavy min-van, an extra cumbersome mobile home etc. If we know our vehicle may need to be towed by a medium or even a heavy-duty tow truck and we let the towing company know that we are aware of this chances are they too will make sure they do not exceed limits.

Determining a Tow Truck’s Safe Towing Capacity

The maximum weight of the vehicle a certain tow truck can safely tow (or STC – Safe Towing Capacity) is determined by a fixed formula – 0.5 the tow truck’s front axle weight multiplied by the truck’s wheelbase and divided by the truck’s “overhang” (the distance between the center of the tow truck’s rear axle to the center of the truck’s front axle).
Calculations aside, if you choose a reliable, professional towing company, such as SC Pro Tow and their network of licensed affiliates experts, you can be sure that safe towing capacities and limitations are always met.